Our Track

The track is modern and reliable, built inside an industrial warehouse over 6000 square meters in size. The track surface was coated with a special resin, for increased grip. Flexible, anti-impact barriers and a floodlight system have also been installed for a safe practice of this sport, even at night.

The indoor track is 720 meters long. The great length of the track allows a lap time of a little over 50 seconds per lap with an average speed of above 40 km/h.

We have 12 adult karts that develop around 13 horsepower and 13 karts in different sizes for children. We also provide the necessary protection equipment (helmet, suit, rib and neck protections).

For us, safety is important. The track was designed in light of this idea. Flexible PVC barriers, specially built for indoor karting tracks, deform absorbing the kinetic energy of a violent impact, protecting the driver. Also, the safety equipment provided includes beside helmets and overalls, both ribs protection and protective collar for neck and spine.

Our complex allows all passionates about this sport and motoring in general, to exercise and cultivate this passion in a safe and accessible environment. Also, for those who do not share (yet!) this passion, it facilitates spending unique leisure moments, offering them an educational introduction into the world of motor sport.

The timing system used on the track, accurate to milliseconds (accuracy similar to that of Formula 1), allows us to organize real racing experiences.

The circuit is varied, having both technical sectors, as well as two straight lines. The longest straight line measures 60 meters long. It offers both the adrenaline of top speed on the straights lines followed by the appropriate braking as well as the satisfaction of attacking the technical sections. And it also provides the excitement and drama of real racing, together with your friends.

If you share our passion for these things, we look forward to having you here.

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