About Us

The RED MOTOR Sport Club was born thanks to Andrea Raimondi's support, ideas and passion for motorsport, he himself an experienced go-karter.

In modern motorsport, karting, with rare exceptions, is the cornerstone of any successful career. Most drivers in Formula 1, and the lower formulas, were formed in karting, and had their first contact with the world of racing in this discipline.

When it is not the foundation of great champions' careers, karting is the most accessible form of motorsport, one that allows almost all enthusiasts to live the experience of a real race. Although karting takes place on a smaller scale, it virtually reproduces all aspects of the greater competitions.

Our Sport Club aims to offer you the real feeling and excitement of a real race. Judging by the number of turns and complexity, our track is comparable to the high speed tracks of Formula 1. The track is long enough to allow a lap time of a little over 50 seconds. Our karts are powerful enough to allow average lap speeds of over 40 km/h, this given the fact that the track has many slow corners where the speed is significantly below the average. Also, the karts go through regular maintenance sessions, so their performances are kept almost similar, allowing competitors to start with equal chances. The timing system allows a very precise tie-break and measurement of competitors' performances. And in the spirit of this idea, of offering you the feeling of a racing experience, we regularly organize competitions open to all customers.

We don't just want you to go karting. We want you to go racing!

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